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Rob Jaffe’s work fills our house, adorning our walls with lush landscapes and exquisite scenes. Rob’s vision is guided by a masterful eye and we particularly love when he prints on canvas, achieving the rich artistry of oil paintings.
— S & P (N.Y., N.Y.)


I am duly impressed and inspired by Rob Jaffe’s photography.  One example is his photo entitled “Awakening.”  Although I’m not generally attracted to the seaside, I feel the cool sand beneath my feet every time I view this photo. The dynamism of the seaside grasses and the color tones captured in the sky are especially masterful. Highly recommended.
— P (Norfolk, Va.)


At this point, my house is filled with art from Rob Jaffe Photography. One wall in my living room has a montage of your photographs from other lands. Your use of light, and the richness of the images brings a sense of beauty and harmony to the room. The space is filled with the vibrant colors of Italy and Thailand. The first comment people make when they enter is, “It feels so good in here.” Thank you, Rob.
— R (Minneapolis, MN)


Not only is Rob Jaffe a dear friend, but we consider him the finest photographer in the area.  It was a pleasure, and good business, to have his works on our walls for over 15 years.  He is quite simply the best.
— D & L (Ashland, OR)

Every photograph of Rob’s, whether it’s a kite painter in Bali, the interior of a rose, or a winter vineyard, all magically convey a universal quality in each distinct photo. His sense of composition and color is always true and right. These photographs have hung on my walls for many years. I never tire of them. Here I find real artistry.
— L (Chapel Hill, NC)


I am a Tai Chi teacher and study Chinese Calligraphy with Master Y.C. Chiang.  Last summer at the Ashland Street Fair I walked by a booth displaying pictures from a local artist, Rob Jaffe.  After practicing Chinese calligraphy you can really see and feel how much chi a painting or picture has.  Rob’s pictures definately emanate an amazing amount of chi.  My partner and I have several of his photos hanging in our house now and they really bring so much life to our cottage.
— S (Kildare, Ireland)